Majnoun Qahwa

The name Majnoon Qahwa is loosely tied to the fable of Majnoon Layla, one of the oldest tragic love stories written. In our case the obsession is coffee and it is also rooted in the Middle East we serve exotic coffees such as Turkish coffee and an afforgato made by pouring a hot shot of espresso over cardamom ice cream to name a few.Our food and beverage menu has a global appeal but with Middle Eastern flavors that are obvious in some cases and very subtle in others.
We bake our own bread, serve everything fresh from the kitchen, and only use honest ingredients that go harmoniously with our coffee. With live on-site roasting and fresh coffee preparation there is never a dull moment for your senses. Our coffee stands for itself and the whole point is to enjoy the flavor of the actual coffee.

    +962 79 1451541 / +962 6 5931245