Thu , 19-03-2015
The Wish-List Box

Another pioneering TAJ promotion is the Wish-List Box! This month long promotion gives shoppers a change to win high-end luxury items from the latest stunning Louis Vuitton bag to an iPhone 6. All 12 items are displayed in a cube-like glamorous rotating mirror display on F1!

All shoppers have to do is spend a minimum of 100 JDs at TAJ, head to the display on F1, pick an item they would like to win, fill out a coupon with their information along with the code of the item they picked, hand in the coupon to the customer care representative present at the location and enter the draw. A different draw is held for each item. Each 100 JDs gets you one coupon, the more you spend, the more coupons you get!

For multiple coupons, shoppers can choose to put them all in one draw or try their chance with several items.

Happy Shopping!

Item A: Macbook Air
Item B: iPhone 6
Item C: Burberry Espadrilles & Scarf
Item D: Dolce & Gabbana Stilettos
Item E: Imseeh Diamond Necklace
Item F: Louis Vuitton Crossbag
Item G: Louis Vuitton Wallet
Item H: Louis Vuitton Sunglasses
Item I: Omega Watch
Item J: Shawkat Shami Floral Diamond Earrings
Item K: 500 JD TAJ Gift Vouchers
Item L: Valentino Clutch

Ends on the 20/04/2015